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Ödet är ett ord för obeskrivbar inre visshet. Upplevelsen ska inte förväxlas med fatalism eller predestination och kunskaper om det beskrivbara, lagbundna; det som blir tydligt genom ett fysikaliskt eller kunskapskritiskt system, genom tal, genom begreppsanalys.Idén om ödet kan bara kommuniceras med konstnärliga medel, genom bild, en tragedi, film, musik. Den ena kräver analys, en förstörelse, sönderdelning. Det andra är helt igenom skapelse, skapande.

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“The blueprint” in


I´m proud to announce that “The Blueprint” is shown online at the Swedish independent art magazine Go there! These folks are awesome, the magazine is great and their house , a wooden castle next to a small lake, is even greater, more or less like an amazing tale. Of course I´ve been there!

Just a reminder.


Nothing has changed…

Release! Urban Elements “New Dimensions”

Urban Elements spread

Finally!!! (well, one week to go but I just can´t wait) I don´t want to say no more, we have made it again. Release by Connective Records and art work by me and Emil Sandberg. The tracks?? are all awesome, just listen.”Urban Elements, The vanguard of young jazz musicians from two continents are getting down to business in the eclectic new group Urban Elements. The collaboration between the most up-and-coming players from Chile/South America and Sweden/Europe creates new flavours of modern jazz in a mixture of hardcore be-bop, organic fusion, latin-jazz, funk and contemporary grooves.”

The Fanclub collaboration and other stuff.

I have recently started a new collaboration with The Fanclub and

it´s been amazing. Everything I´ve done so far is kept a secret until monday, I will say no more…The Urban Elements album is now finally off to printing and

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pressing allthough the master has disapeared mysteriously. The album will be released as soon as we have found it, Fredrik Kronkvist at Connective Records that is, and then I will show you the artwork. We just love it.

The wedding in Chianti


Finally, the wedding in Chianti between my friends Itamar and

Nora was insane. Luckily I could not keep my trigger finger away from the camera. Well some parts of the document can not ever be public but I say we had a marvellous evening and night. As theese guys continued the celebration I took a nightly walk home accross the hillside and felt the warm night air from the Tuscan woods. As the moon was shining so intense I could see my way home without no lights at all, there were shadows from the trees. Wow, I think this was one of the best moments of my trip, I´m sure it was…

“Three swimming pools”


Chianti in late September. The morning sun burns and the night is warm. The moon lightens the landscape. The harvest of grapes started when I was about to leave but I got the opportunity to hear their voices, the people in the small slopes chatting and joking. I also saw a basket full of ice cold bottles of water lying in the shadow of an olive tree. Can you imagine the thirst I felt at that moment?

Back in Milan for Summer 08 collections


Last week I was commissioned back to Milan for the Aigner fashion show shooting as usual and it was amazing, check it out. The weather was rainy almost the whole week exept for Friday when I took a walk in the sun after the show. I really enjoy that. The show was great and perfect for me with a long and slow catwalk which meant a lot of time to make pictures and have fun. I love it and I love my family at at Aigner who were all there.

There were also some late nights at the Damato studio with my friends editing, chatting, drinking good wine and eating some amazing pastas.

After this I took off to Toscana for the wedding of my friends Itamar and Nora but that´s another story…

Jam in Berlin.

Jam in Berlin.

I was in Berlin last autumn to shoot for IGNITION and forgot everything about it when the record was finished. A very silly thing to do because I had a story to be told. It´s about everything I felt during a sunny and warm autumn afternoon and night in Prenzlauer Berg. Download the complete “Jam inBerlin” from here.

UFO things.

UFO Things

I´ve never told nobody about it but I have seen them. The thing is that they don´t come to you from nowhere, you have to look for them, and I mean really look. There are people around that knows, quiet people, nobodys, and they have reasons for keeping it that way because once you´ve seen them, the ones I´ve been talking about, they will never leave you. It´s terrible, really. Download and see for yourself.

Berlin “Hotel Hamburg”

Hotel Hamburg

This is a spy story from Berlin, and I was there to find Smiley. This is about to capture the ultimate feeling of being in Berlin for the first time. The story is available for download from here. Please open my first paperback and feel it, it´s all about the feeling. This story was made before “The Blueprint”.


I´m currently updating my website getting away from Dreamweaver and stuff to make life easier. It won´t take very long time to get everything back into place but some things will not work properly. Meanwhile I´m in the process of making the “Urban Elements” cover and it´s very exciting. Get back here soon and see for yourself.
Kristian Krebs

AIGNER window decorations.

AIGNER Window Decoration

AIGNER Window Decoration2

The decorations for AIGNER Munich store is up! I am absolutely speechless. Imagine the images 3 meters high and 7 meters wide…and what they will do to a photographers soul…and ego :-).

IGNITION is out!

Fredrik Kronkvist Ignition

Music by Fredrik Kronkvist, graphic design by Emil Sandberg and photography by me, it can´t be better can it? This is an awesome record, just the way it looks. Check it out.


Milan AIGNER A/W 2007.

Aigner AW07

Palazzo Bovara Milan, the AIGNER fashion show took place during a sunny afternoon in a green city. Outside there was a monstrous traffic jam in Corso Buenos Aires, cars everywhere but I loved it. Great season this year!