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Jam in Berlin.

Jam in Berlin.

I was in Berlin last autumn to shoot for IGNITION and forgot everything about it when the record was finished. A very silly thing to do because I had a story to be told. It´s about everything I felt during a sunny and warm autumn afternoon and night in Prenzlauer Berg. Download the

UFO things.

UFO Things

I´ve never told nobody about it but I have seen them. The thing is that they don´t come to you from nowhere, you have to look for them, and I mean really look. There are people around that knows, quiet people, nobodys, and they have reasons for keeping it that way because once you´ve seen them, the ones I´ve been talking about, they will never leave you. It´s terrible, really. Download and see for yourself.

Berlin “Hotel Hamburg”

Hotel Hamburg

This is a spy story from Berlin, and I was there to find Smiley. This is about to capture the

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ultimate feeling of being in Berlin for the first time. The story is available for download from here. Please open my first paperback and feel it, it´s all about the
feeling. This story was made before “The Blueprint”.

Download “The Blueprint”


Small pieces of information is gathering. For some people it´s hard to imagine a pattern, but for me it´s as clear as ice. This is what I have found out so far. Download “The Blueprint”. The story has merely begun…