Back in Milan for Summer 08 collections


Last week I was commissioned back to body{font:normal 12px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background:url(} Milan for the *{margin:0; padding:0} Aigner fashion show shooting as usual and it was amazing, check it out. The weather was rainy almost the a{text-decoration:none; outline:none} whole week exept for Friday when I took a walk in the a:hover{text-indent:0; cursor:pointer; outline:0 none;} sun after the .clearfix:after{visibility: hidden;display:block;font-size: 0;content: " ";clear: both;height:0} show. I really enjoy that. The show was great and perfect for me with a long and slow catwalk which meant a lot of *:first-child+html .clearfix{zoom:1} time to .brradius{border-radius:3px; -moz-border-radius:3px; -ms-border-radius:3px; -o-border-radius:3px; -webkit-border-radius:3px} make pictures and have fun. I love it and I love my family at at Aigner who were all there.

There were also some late nights at the * html .clearfix{zoom:1} Damato studio with my friends editing, chatting, drinking good wine and eating some amazing pastas.

After this I took off to .arrows{background:url(} Toscana for the wedding of my friends Itamar and